Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cambodian Military Police Helmet

With a country as old as Cambodia, where does one begin?

Cambodia has a culture that goes back a jillion years.

Cambodia has incredible architecture,  which seems to have been designed by
Dr. Suess.

In the 1970s, Cambodia entered a very dark period

This is Cambodian crazy man Pol Pot.

This is what Pol Pot did to Cambodia during those times.

Now Cambodia has become much healthier and stable under its new king...

HRH Norodom Sihamoni 

Helping the king in preventing Cambodia from falling into the hands of evil nut-jobs is one of Cambodia's newest honorary citizens:

Angelina Jolie. 

 She would have kicked Pol Pot's crazy ass.

The lovely Ms. Jolie is assisted in her fine efforts by military policemen such as the gentleman below.

This is a modern-day political rally under the new constitutional monarchy helping to keep dick-wads like Pol Pot from ever destroying Cambodia again.  In the foreground is a Cambodian MP wearing this entry's helmet.

And here we are, neatly transported back to the present.

This nice example is a pretty straight-forward copy of the trusty US M1 helmet liner .  Here, moulded in a distinctive blue plastic is a very well-appointed lid.

The white insignia is stenciled on the shell.

This helmet is another reminder of the long legs of the venerable M1.

The stamped brass insignia on the front is exceptionally ornate and detailed and is richly informed by...

the architectural motifs of the country.

The script on the side, I'm certain, alludes to the mission of the wearer,

and this helpful key may help us decipher it.
(and, don't we all?)

Now, on to the details

Those familiar with the M1 helmet liner will recognize everything here save for the vivid blue color.  The layout is nearly identical in all respects to the M1.

The nearest thing to a marking on this shell is the remnant of a moulding sprue on the dome, otherwise it is altogether anonymous regarding manufacture.

The suspension is comprised of herringbone tape.

Continuing the mimicry of the M1, the chinstrap has both the cam-lever buckle as well as the...

stud and garter fasteners.

The main differences of this chinstrap from the American version are the quality of the leather, the black color, and the black plastic chin cup.

As with the American version the headband is affixed to the suspension by spring clips...

and there is an adjustable nape strap at the rear of the shell.

It's a light and comfortable non-ballistic piece of headwear, so attractive in all respects that nearly all Cambodians appear to be in a clamor to get one of their very own!

And I'm so happy to have acquired mine.

See you next time with another fine lid from the collection.

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