Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mystery Helmet

I believe it's a Luftschutz helmet that someone's been gimmiking around with.

The shell is a typical beaded m.40

The liner is typical for a Luftschutz.

The finger holes do not have reenforcing leather grommets.

The spacers are cork, again, typical for a Luftschutz liner.

As are the oilcloth inner band...

the felt cushion...

and the cardboard mounting band.

In true m.40 fashion the edge is rolled...

and the ventilator is stamped.  Don't get excited by the remnants of the decal, it was a cheap replica water-slide applied by the dealer.

Under the green pain is a grayer layer.

The overpainting was done with a brush.

The number in the skirt is 220...

 the size is 66 and the manufacturer is Eisenhuttenwerke, Thale.

Now here's the fishy part...

The chinstrap appears to be from a Polish wz.67.

And there are very suspect markings ink stamped on the liner fingers.

 Guesses, anyone?

Don't ask me, I'm stumped.


Ed Buck said...

I think you're correct. It's a beaded M40 that's been fiddled with.

Ed Buck said...

I think you've got it correct. Looks like a beaded M40 thats been buggered up.

Anonymous said...

Rumors which say it is a motorcycle helmet are consistently wrong.
This Helmet is a M40 Sort out Helmet.
These Helmets where produced for German Military.
But couldnt reach the hight Quality Material Standarts
at Maintennance Tests. To identificate them easy and to prevent that These Helmets are given out to Military Personal the Producer have to press a bead around.
Sort out Helmets where used by Luftschutz and Fire Poice also indeed they where also used by the Volkssturm units at the end of war.

Greetings from Horst
Munich, Germany