Saturday, November 5, 2011

US Marine Corps Military Police M1 liner

"Tell it to the Marines..."

As with all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the Marine Corps has always had it's own law enforcement branch.  Military Police of any branch are often an ornery bunch, no more so than Marine MPs.

This distinctive lid sports the yellow and red color scheme that typifies all things Marine Corps.  The red and yellow stripes are nearly always present on the helmets, or in this instance, the liners, of
Marine MPs... 

as well as base security personnel... 

in this instance, the main gate guard

Although both have helmets sporting the stripes as well as the distinctive "Eagle Globe and Anchor" (EGA) device of the Marine Corps, only the Military Police display the large block letters "MP".


The hand-painted stripes wrap around the entire helmet save for the very front.
During my four-year hitch in the U.S. Navy I never encountered any Marine MPs, though I surely had a brush or two with Navy SPs - Shore Patrol (see here),  I had plenty of experience with helmeted USMC sentries and gate guards, like the ones below.

They were terse but unfailingly professional, and always, always, quite aloof toward the sailors over whom they watched.

This is a grommeted Firestone liner, typical in all respects of a WWII or Korean War  era M1 liner.

Although is has a ding toward the dome and a crack on the rear left skirt...

it is in very nice condition and quite complete and a very showy addition to my collection.

 The EGA is original to this lid and shows only light wear.


It's mounted through the grommet with an impressive brass washer and screw-back.

Although the Firestone "F" in the dome did not photograph well, the  marking on the nape-strap did:

The liner suspension appears to be the mix of early light green and later dark green webbing that typifies a liner that was in service for many, many years.

I acquired this helmet along with the armband at the Bridge Street Antique Mall in  Grand Rapids Michigan in 1995.

A very handsome piece.

And speaking of Marines...

Now you may or may not remember my friend Jim who gave me this really cool M-16 German "high visor" helmet a while back (which you can revisit here).

Jim was a great kid who has grown into an outstanding young man.  Here's a picture of Jim now:

He just completed his first year as a United States Marine and we are all very proud of him.

Keep on collecting!


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