Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 1881 Cavalry Helmet finds a great home

Some of you may recall my somewhat spectacular Model 1881 U.S. Cavalry helmet (above) featured on this blog some time ago (click here).

For as much as I enjoyed that particular helmet it was becoming increasingly the "odd man out" in my collection of 20th century lids.  Reluctantly, a few months ago, I decided to part with it. I auctioned it on ebay with a very reasonable reserve, and it got snapped right up.

What's really cool about this whole transactions is where it ended up and what its new mission is.

That helmet is now on display at Farmington High School (link here)
in Farmington CT as part of a larger display of militaria belonging to the High School Military History Club. How cool is that?

Here's a recent email I got from my winning bidder and fellow teacher, Bob:

Hi Mannie,

Our high school is Farmington High School, in Farmington, CT. We formed the military history club about 5 years ago. We found many students wanted to know more about the military side of history that is omitted from from many history classes today. They asked myself, a math teacher and 28 year veteran of the US Army and West Point Grad Class of '73, and a Social Studies teacher, Farrel, who has a vast background in the military acqusition side of several defense contractors if we would sponsor the club. We try to take periods the students are studying in class and explore the military history (Weapons, tactics, strategies) of the time period and relate them to events of the period. Students research topics and we facilitate discussions. What amazes both Farrel and myself is the knowledge and interest these students have about military history. Our club has about 30 members out of a high school population of about 1200 students, one of the largest clubs in school.

Thanks for your interest.


                    (home sweet home)

What a satisfying way to part with a favorite helmet that's been a centerpiece of my collection for over 20 years.

Here's to happy endings... Cheers!


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