Sunday, June 23, 2013

American Legion Doughboy Helmet

Old soldiers never die, they just end up on ebay.  Following the Great War two veterans organizations were established; the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion.  This is a Legion honor guard helmet from the inter-war period.

Made of buffed aluminum with a very showy Legion insignia this must have cut quite a handsome image at parades and such - "Hey look its uncle Lou!"

Its similar in many respects to the M1917 save for the lack of a rim and an entirely different suspension system.

The showy insignia is quite a piece of confection.

The oil colth liner is slightly adjustable and suspended by a rivet in the skull of the lid, just like the M1917.

The chinstrap, and wire buckle are pretty cheap but ideally suited for an Armistice Day parade.

There goes Uncle Lou with his buddies to the Legion Hall.

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